There are a few parts of this project.  Hopefully this outline will help clarify any questions you have!

Step One:  Historian

Acting as Historians, we will be doing research on ghost towns and urban blight.  We will be reflecting on our research by writing blog posts here.

Step Two:  Artist

As artists, we will select, plan for and re-create our sacred objects in various mixed media art materials.  Please make sure we know what materials you need and what your vision is for your sculpture/representation of your sacred object.  We will also be writing down notes on the process of making our sacred object sculptures.

Step Three:  Curator

As curators, we will be selecting how our sacred object sculptures are arranged in the installation space at North Grand.  What makes sense? Which arrangement works best for the group installation?  Other classes will be coming to see your work, so installing our objects in a compelling way will make it interesting and *not* boring for those other classes!  We will make a couple of blog posts about how, as curators, we want our sacred objects to be viewed by the public by their placement and relation to other classmates’ objects.

Step Four:  Archaeologist

As archaeologists, we will be “discovering” the site.  We will be relying ONLY on our observations of the object sculptures and how they are displayed in relation to the other objects around them.  We will be making blog posts about our discoveries of the archaeological site and will be examining the objects.  Just as those who happened upon Bodie ghost town did not know for certain what had happened to the town, we will be writing without knowing “the whole story.”  Use your imagination!


For Every Post You Make!!!!

* Please make sure to always TAG your blog post with your first name and last initial (for example, Jessi W.) or else Ms Livas and Jessi won’t be able to find all your posts to give you credit for doing them!  Thanks!

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